If your dog has been diagnosed with heartworms and it is not a very severe infection with the dog showing symptoms of distress there is good news about a new method of treating the heartworm infection in a more economical and safer method than the vet uses. Many people are now using the Ivermectin/Doxycycline treatment which has been used successfully for a few years now as a safer and much more economical treatment for mild heartworm infections than the methods the vets use. This treatment uses our product at the recommended dose and doxycycline to kill the heartworms at a slower safer rate than the treatment the vet uses.

Please Google "Ivermectin Doxycycline heartworm treatment" for information on this method. Many vets who really care about dogs will gladly sell you the doxycycline at a reasonable price or give you a prescription for it. Sadly, there are still many vets who care more about making an easy dollar with their heartworm treatment and will discourage you from using this new treatment and refuse to help you get the necessary doxycycline. I would never go back to a vet who refuses to help his customers use a safer, more economical method of heartworm treatment instead of using his expensive, risky treatment.

If your dog has a serious infection with major symptoms, his prognosis is not very good and in this case a vet should be consulted to determine the best way for him to live the rest of his life with the least suffering possible.