Everyone who has a horse and is proud to be an American is invited to come walk your horse around in the arena in our Grand Entry parade during the halftime of our show on September 22, 2001 as we demonstrate how proud we are to be Americans and to raise money for the New York City Firefighters fund. There is no charge for spectators or riders in this halftime event but donations to this fund will be appreciated. Approximate time for this ride is 4 PM. You do not need to be a member of our club for this event. We will turn in all donations received to a firefighter at this event.


I was never more proud of being part of an organization than I was on Saturday, September 22. The way that the South Louisiana Saddle Club members showed their patriotism and generosity was spectacular. The members who rode in the "Proud to be an American Parade" and the many spectators who watched and waved flags from the sidelines and all the firefighters who were there truly demonstrated the "Spirit of America" which has always united our country in the most difficult of times. God bless all of you and God bless America! At the show we turned in $802 in collections to the Firefighters Fund and we have collected more since then and will still be making collections for a while.