Trail riding in the Ozark mountains in Northwest Arkansas

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City Slickers 1, October 1994 "Journey to the Unknown"

City Slickers 2, October 1995 "Riding out the storm"

City Slickers 3, October, 1996 "Return to the Ozarks"

City Slickers 4, April 1997 "Easter in the Ozarks"

City Slickers 5, October 1997 "Riding the Buffalo"

City Slickers 6, October 1998 "Harnessing the Hurricane"

City Slickers 7, April 13-17, 1999 "Back to the Buffalo"

City Slickers 8, October 13-18, 1999 "Riders in the Sky"

City Slickers 9, October 14-18, 2000 "Coming Round the Mountain"

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City Slickers 11, October 12-16, 2001 "A Space Odyssey"

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City Slickers 15, April 11-15, 2006 "It's 5 O'clock Somewhere"(Postponed from 2005 due to Katrina)

City Slickers 16, October 13-19, 2006 "Friday the 13th Trail Ride"

City Slickers 17, October 1-7, 2007 "Ridin' High"

City Slickers 18, October 1-6, 2009 "Return to the River"

City Slickers 19, October 25-30, 2010 "Crowley's Ridge or Bust"

City Slickers 20, October, 2011 "The Mystery Ride"

When you don't feel like pitching a tent or camping out, you just rent a cabin at Mack's Pines,
right across the road from Mocassin Gap Horse Camp. Phone Mack at 479-331-3261

Naturally, you rent a room for your buddies too, as we did here for Peppy and Bubba.

Then, before you saddle up, you might want to get a photo of your horse like
this one of Phil and Bud at Haw Creek Falls during City Slickers 1.

Then you saddle up and head for the hills as Tally and I did here by
Little Piney Creek in Hartz Valley.

The best time to ride Moccassin Gap Horse Trails is after a rain because all the waterfalls and
creeks are much more scenic as they are here for Alan and Dusty on City Slickers 11 trail ride.

The trails we like the most are the ones that cross water like this one that Charlie and Bubba
are crossing in the Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area during City Slickers 4.

Even the County Roads make good trails for riding like the one Red, T-Boy, Cliff and Dudley
are on here at the edge of the Hurricane Creek Wilderness Area during City Slickers 12.

Some trails are smooth and beautiful like this one by Illinois Bayou.

And some are a little rocky, like this one I took Peppy
on in Devil's Den during City Slickers 3.

But the most beautiful trail East of the Rockies is at the upper Buffalo River where there
are two horse campgrounds. One is here at Erbie.

And the other is here at Steel Creek where Sue and Cindy are enjoying themselves during City Slickers"7".

There's many sights to see from the Steele Creek trails where Red and Bubba are here on City Slickers 9..

Most of the trail goes between tall bluffs with waterfalls and beautiful scenery.

Now and then you might have to wait for a
canoe to pass before you cross the river.

The water is so cool and clear that the horses love to drink it and cool their heels in it as
James, Charlie, George and Phil are doing here on their horses during City Slickers 5.

Dudley, C J, Red and Jimmy during City Slickers 13.

And if you don't make too much noise you will see lots of wildlife like this
2000 pound elk that we walked within 10 feet of going around
a bend in the trail. Before we got our cameras out he was booking it. I'm sort of
glad that he decided to go the opposite way.

You always meet new people and make new friends.
During City Slickers 8, Phil compares spots with a new friend
he met at Smithville where they hold a trailride every April and October.
Phone Aubrey O'Connor at 870-528-4282 for details.

Be sure to take Hwy 7 to see all the beautiful scenery.

Be sure to see the overlook on Old Hwy 7 not far from Mack's Pines.

Then when the sun sets, we start our campfire and cook our dinner,
then sit around telling lies.

Regardless of what discipline your horse is, a trail ride is
good for him to relax him and relieve him of the monotony
that most horses endure being in a stall most of the time
or doing the same old grind day after day. You can't
make me believe that our horses don't enjoy these rides
as much as we do because they get to eat hay all the
way up there and back and explore new territories with
their friends. Everyone who likes to trail ride should
make a trip like this at least once. The 10 hour ride
from New Orleans is not so bad and the only
problem that you have is that you will want to go back,
again, and again and.....................

I'm Dudley, and may all your trails be Happy, till we meet again.

to be continued....


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