1. Memberships are $15 each per calendar year. Non-members may ride and win daily awards but are not eligible for year-end awards. Points earned before dues are paid will not count.
2. Age classes for riders are: Pee Wee - 11 years old or younger on January 1, of this year. Junior - 12 to 18 years old on January 1, of this year. Youth - Pee Wees and Juniors combined. Senior - 19 years old or older on January 1, of this year.
3. Points to be awarded as follows: First place, 6 points; Second place, 4 points; Third place, 3 points; Fourth place, 2 points; Fifth place, 1 point. For classes with less than five entries, points are awarded according to the number of entries. (1 entry, 1 point; 2 entries, First place: 2 points, Second place, 1 point, etc.) Classes with 11 to 20 entries will place 6 places.
4. There are no year-end awards in Judged events and points earned in Judged events do not count toward year-end awards. Points in Novice and Fun events are not used in determining any high point awards except for Novice and Fun events only.
5. Awards will be distributed as follows: Three Overall High Point awards to be awarded to the high point overall Pee Wee, the high point overall Junior and the high point overall Senior. No awards will be awarded to anyone who does not actually show in at least 4 points shows this season. Event champion buckles will be awarded in all timed events that are sponsored. If any event is not sponsored, the event champion will receive an inexpensive award. Persons who have won the points event in a full class are considered Champions and are not eligible to ride as novices in that class on the same horse. Anyone who won the Year-end High Point Novice buckle in a class is not eligible to ride novice in that class again on the same horse.
6. Points toward all the high point awards will be given to the horse and rider as a team except in the Fun event where any horse may be used.
7. 24 entry credits in the 5 point shows are required for Membership awards. Members will have a choice of a Montana Silversmith Buckle or Bracelet or personalized tack
8. You receive an entry credit for each entry you pay for in any event even if you are scratched. (Judged, Timed, Novice, Fun, Child lead-in.) Rider must be present to enter. No ghost entries.
9. You receive entry credits despite the horse that you ride. You may ride different horses to accumulate entry credits. Entry credits are not given at pre-season or fun shows.
10. Refunds of entry fees are not allowed unless a horse or rider is visibly injured. Changes to entry slips are not allowed. Scratched entries will not get a refund but will get their entry credit. In case a show is cancelled due to rain, or other conditions, the rider can get a refund for the rest of his entries that day before he goes home, or, he can leave the entries in the box to be used on the rain-out make-up date.
11. If a member's check is returned for any reason, he must pay the amount of the check plus a $25 bad check fee in cash before the club accepts another entry for that exhibitor.
12. There will be no tabs allowed at the shows. Entry must be paid before class is called into the arena.
13. There are 5 point shows scheduled. Club retains the right to add double point shows or fun shows or a Championship show if necessary.
14. Riders must display their numbers in judged events.
15. In all events, the rider is automatically disqualified if the rider falls from the horse in the arena.
16. A rider will be disqualified for excessive use of spurs, whips, bats, etc. ANYONE WHO TREATS THEIR HORSE IN A MANNER THAT THE GENERAL PUBLIC MIGHT CONSIDER HORSE ABUSE WHILE THEY ARE IN THE ARENA PARTICIPATING IN A SHOW WILL BE CHARGED WITH CONDUCT UNBECOMING A MEMBER AND DEALT WITH ACCORDINGLY. We can not allow one member to jeopardize the future of the horse shows for all the other members. Horse shows are for showing horses. Horse training must be done sometime other than during the horse show while entrants are waiting and spectators are watching.
17. No reruns will be allowed due to faulty equipment on the entrant's horse.
18. If there is a clock malfunction the rider is entitled to a re ride. If the rider is disqualified on his first re ride due to knocking over a barrel, pole, etc., the rider will get a second and final re ride.
19. Officials may reject any horse that they think is physically unfit to be exhibited.
20. Clothing: Boots are required in all events. Judged events require a cowboy hat and a long or short sleeve dress shirt or blouse. In timed events the rider may wear T-shirts and sleeveless dress shirts but not tank tops or muscle shirts. Western attire is preferred but not required. Questionable attire must meet the approval of Officers present.
21. Awards will be presented at a time to be decided on after the season.
22. Tiebreakers will be decided by the most first places.
23. Members may file objections when they feel that the judge or timekeeper has made an improper decision. The member must pay a $20 protest fee when he files his written protest with the Officers in an orderly fashion. The Officers will rule on the protest as soon as it is practical to do so. The protest fee will be returned if protest is sustained and proper action will be taken by the Officers to correct the problem.
24. Anyone charged with conduct unbecoming a member may be suspended, expelled or put on probation by Club Officers according to Club bylaws.
25. If you are making no attempt to enter the arena when your name is called, you will be moved back and the next person wil be called. The second time your name is called to enter the arena, you must enter in 30 seconds or you will be scratched without a refund.
26. In order to speed up the show for our many participants, members are allowed to run their pattern only once for each entry. If you break the pattern, knock over a pole or barrel etc., you may finish the remainder of your pattern and exit the arena. You may not start your pattern over or reset the barrels or poles and run them again. If you wish to practice your horse at the show you may enter again and ride exhibition or you may ride the pattern for free after the show ends. If you fail to complete your pattern and exit the arena, the announcer will notify you to leave the arena at once. Anyone who fails to exit the arena when the announcer asks them or anyone who has multiple warnings against them will be charged with conduct unbecoming a member and will be either put on probation, suspended or expelled from the club depending on the severity of the infraction.
27. Situations not covered by South Louisiana Saddle Club rules or bylaws will be covered by AQHA rules or by a majority decision of Club Officers.
28. A copy of Club rules, schedules, membership cards, list of events and newsletters will be supplied to each member free of charge. Club reserves the right to charge a fee to cover copy costs for additional copies of these documents or for detailed copies of the Club Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, IRS tax exemption certificates and other official documents.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001